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NEW Hailun Model HU1P 48" Upright Piano

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What You Get When You Buy A Hailun Piano

"Hailun (pronounced Hi-Loon) pianos, having won U.S. awards consecutively from 2012 through 2015, are quickly becoming known throughout the U.S. as a very high quality piano by piano dealers, piano technicians, and piano teachers alike. I have been incredibly impressed with the quality and European tone of these new pianos, that are backed by a 15 year transferable warranty, the longest warranty for any new piano sold in the U.S. Visitors to my showroom are impressed with the tone and touch of these new pianos, not to mention the price compared with the Hailun competitors' pianos. Please watch the following video on the Hailun history, and further below, please read some of the reasons I think Hailuns are excellent choice when considering your next piano. I carry various Hailun models in my Tampa area piano showroom for viewing when you are ready." -Mike P.

Video of Hailun History

"My name is Mr. Hailun Chen. I have put my name on my pianos and on my company. It is my personal guarantee to you, that each piano is and continues to be crafted with the finest materials and to the highest quality standards. My reputation depends on it." - Hailun Chen

Fine Tone, Touch, and Craftsmanship – Beautifully made, Hailun pianos provide a full range of vibrant color tones throughout the musical range, and rich powerful projection in louder passages. The touch is precise and responsive, allowing the artist to be as expressive in their musical playing as they wish.

Award-Winning Pianos – In 2012, the Hailun model HU-5P (a 50” upright piano) dethroned the popular Kawai K-3, which had dominated the Piano Line of the Year (MMR) award for many years. The next year in 2013, the Hailun grand piano model HG-178 won this prestigious award, and then the Hailun HG-178 won again in 2014. In 2015, MMR awarded Hailun a Legacy Award for consistent excellence in their pianos. (The only Legacy Award winners for dominance in their categories were the Yamaha Disklavier, the Fender American Stratocaster, the Hailun HG-178, the Kawai CA95, and the Shure SM57/58, all definitive leaders in their category.)

Exceptional Quality – Hailun emphasizes quality in their pianos over all else, including price. There are over 50 Asian piano makers, and only a select few piano makers like Hailun, Yamaha, and Kawai differentiate themselves, not on price, but by focusing on building the highest quality pianos. Hailun, Yamaha, and Kawai all proudly display the company owner’s name on the piano fallboard representing their belief in the quality of the piano. This emphasis on quality allows these companies’ pianos to rise above the rest where piano players are concerned.

Distinguished Competitive Class – On quality, Hailun competes directly with Yamaha, Kawai, and Boston pianos (Boston are Steinway-designed pianos made by Kawai in Japan) because the high level of quality of these pianos are of a similar class. Piano players may have preferences among these particular makers, but players recognize the quality comparability of the instruments from these makers. Although Hailun has been making pianos and piano parts for over 30 years, Hailun is a newcomer as a piano maker, relative to Kawai (over 80), Yamaha (over 120), and Steinway (over 160). This relative youth means that Hailun is less known to the general piano buying public in their pursuit of quality, an issue that Hailun is trying to remedy by continually striving to make the best piano in the business.

Preeminent Warranty – Hailun provides the longest warranty in the United States. Knowing their pianos are of exceptional quality, Hailun offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser, and a 15-year transferable warranty if the piano is sold to a future owner. This length of warranty, with transferability, is an indication of the quality of the piano. A buyer for any new piano should always ask about the warranty for that piano to understand how a piano maker feels about their pianos.

  • Hailun – Lifetime warranty to original purchaser, 15-year transferable warranty to future owners
  • Yamaha – 10-year warranty to original purchaser, NOT transferable to future owners
  • Kawai – 10-year warranty to original purchaser, 10-year transferable warranty to future owners
  • Boston – 10-year warranty to original purchaser, NOT transferable to future owners

Competitively Priced – The Hailun Pianos are very competitively priced when compared with their main competitors of Yamaha, Kawai, and Boston pianos. In my store I have a price list comparing the SMP prices of the four competitors from, a website independently operated by Larry Fine, and typically Hailun pianos are the least expensive of these other brands.

Diverse European, American, and Asian Leadership Team – Mr. Chen Hailun has assembled a leadership team of world class piano design and manufacturing experts from the U.S., Europe and Asia to create, innovate, and build exceptional pianos from the best piano parts in the world.

Focused on Innovation – Hailun has a number of innovations they have pioneered to make pianos perform better, last longer, and be safer in the household. These include the PAS Keybed System, Performance Plus Action, Magical Lid Assist technology, and others.

I hope you find this information helpful. More information can be found at I carry a wide selection of new Hailun pianos, and I hope some of these reasons will convince you to come and try one out. Thanks!

- Mike P.

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