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1892 Steinway & Sons Model F 54" Upright Piano

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What You Get When You Buy A Steinway Piano

"Steinway pianos have been synonymous with quality, beauty and luxury for over 150 years, a reputation well earned. Steinway pianos are considered the elite pianos, where, similar to Rolex watches, the main competition for a new Steinway piano is not a competitor, but rather a pre-owned Steinway piano. Although one of the last piano makers in the U.S., Steinway continues to thrive because of the enduring quality of each Steinway piano made. Each handcrafted Steinway piano has over 12,000 mechanical parts and, when assembled by expert technicians over the course of a year, the Steinway piano is both elegant and tonally gorgeous. Steinway piano designs are timeless, with many of their current model scale designs being over 100 years old. Even 100+ year old Steinway pianos play today, although these pianos had to withstand incredibly harsh and inconsistent indoor conditions for most of the 1900s. (Now with climate-controlled homes and central air conditioning, Steinway pianos made, or properly restored, after 1990 may conceivably last 200 years in current home environments.) Although Steinway prices are high compared to other pianos, Steinway pianos have enduring value over time, much more so than competitors’ pianos. When you buy a Steinway piano, you are buying a very special piano that will last you and your family a long, long time." -Mike P.

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