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My Decision to Choose Hailun Pianos with 15-Year Warranty

Concurrent with the opening of my new retail store, I decided to provide my local customers with an option to purchase a new piano of excellent quality at a reasonable price with a 15-year transferable warranty. My personal passion is Steinway grand pianos and upright pianos, both recent and restored Steinway pianos. I will continue to follow this passion for Steinway pianos, but I recognize that there are instances where an alternative to a pre-owned Steinway piano would be preferred, simply because of price, or warranty, or that some people would just prefer to purchase and own a brand new piano. Some questions that buyers might reasonably ask before purchasing a piano are: "Do I want to spend the amount of money required to purchase a quality Steinway piano?" "Does my 5-year-old child need a Steinway piano to learn on, or would a high quality, lower-priced piano be sufficient to start?" "Do I feel more comfortable buying a brand new piano that is covered by a 15-year transferable manufacturer warranty (lifetime for the original purchaser)?" All excellent questions. However, one question that should never be asked is: "Is a piano of inferior quality acceptable?" Quality in a piano is extremely important for every player, especially 5-year-old children learning the piano, who absolutely need to enjoy the sounds they are making. My opinion is that quality cannot be sacrificed, no matter the price.

I began my quest to find a high quality piano with a low price for my local Tampa, Florida customers. I have always lived by the equation, Higher Quality + Lower Price = Excellent Value. My quest started with what I would look for in a new piano that was an excellent value. I would consider pianos from all over the world, including the U.S., Europe, and Asia. I would want the best design, along with the most consistent manufacturing process. I would want the piano to play great, sound great, and to have won recent awards and recognition. I would want pianos manufactured under the company or owner name for pride. I would want a lengthy warranty from a company that clearly stood behind its product. I would want to know that piano technicians liked the product. I would want the company to have been in business for many years. And, most importantly, I would want these new pianos to be reasonably priced.

Most companies I came across either had higher quality with higher prices, or lower quality with lower prices. Finally, my quest led me to a company based in Asia, who manufactures their own line of pianos under their own name. The company’s owner is passionate about making quality pianos. This company hired their team of experienced engineers and piano craftsmen from the U.S., Europe, and Japan to design and build the best possible pianos. The company uses the best materials from all over the world. This company has won U.S. awards four years in a row (2012 – 2015) from the Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) magazine for their upright and grand piano models, including 3 consecutive years winning the MMR Acoustic Piano Line of Year. (In 2015, the company won the MMR Legacy Award for dominance in the acoustic piano category, and is no longer eligible to win.) And the company offers a 15-year transferable warranty on every new piano (and a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser).

The piano brand name I chose is Hailun, after its owner Mr. Hailun Chen, who proudly puts his name on this line of pianos. I would not be surprised if you had not heard of them. I had not, until I was chatting with one of my local piano technicians, who also performs, and I asked him what the best higher quality/lower price piano was. He said, “No question. It’s a Hailun. I love playing them and tuning them. Best sound and best touch, with high quality materials. In fact I bought one myself, and that is my personal piano, and I love everything about my piano.” That is how I first heard of them. I contacted my other local technician and asked him what he thought of Hailun pianos. “Excellent pianos” was all he had to say. To get two endorsements from technicians I respected was helpful in pointing me in the Hailun direction.

I did some research on the web, and was pleased with what I found. I looked for videos of Hailun pianos (use headphones if you can) to hear the sound - I really loved the full sound of the piano. (The player in this first video is Avery Gipson, a 15 year old singer-songwriter in Atlanta, GA. Here is her facebook page.) I listened to popular songs, jazz, and classical recordings on various Hailun pianos and I was extremely pleased at the Hailun's expressiveness during classical performances, as the Liszt video demonstrates. The company's U.S. website,, is informative and easy to navigate. There was currently no dealer in the Tampa, Florida area, so I have become a Hailun Authorized Merchant serving the Central Florida region. From my new store, I am stocking the award-winning Hailun HU 5P 50” upright piano, winner of the 2012 MMR magazine Acoustic Piano of the Year (dethroning the Kawai K-3), the award-winning Hailun HG 178 5’10” grand piano, winner of both the 2013 and 2014 MMR magazine Acoustic Piano of the Year, as well a range of other Hailun models. Please contact me if interested in these pianos for more information.

- Mike P.

Award-winning Hailun HU 5P 50" Upright Piano

Award-winning Hailun HG 178 5’10” Grand Piano

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