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Trading In Your Piano?

Since many of my potential customers are from throughout the United States, I often get asked whether Picarzo accepts the customers' current piano in partial trade. The short answer is I do accept trades if they are pianos that I would like to own. I am very selective about the particular pianos I own and sell, and lately have been focusing on Steinway pianos, as I think most of their model scale designs are top notch. If you are trading in, or selling, any size 88-key Steinway grand piano (antique player pianos excepted), or a 46" or taller 88-key Steinway upright, I will be very interested in discussing a trade on any of these categories of Steinways, or a similar quality type of piano. I do reserve the right to not accept every piano offered in trade.

Trading in your piano for a reduced price on a new-to-you piano is usually the most convenient option for a buyer. You play your current piano until a moving truck arrives, loads up your current piano, and delivers your next piano. However, trading in will usually yield a smaller $ value for your piano than if you sell it through national retail channels. I have a page called Selling A Piano? under the Information section on my website with several tips on selling your piano successfully. It is much more complicated to sell your piano on the retail market, but that is how you would obtain the highest $ value for your piano. Other options are you could also consign your piano with a dealer for a consignment fee, sell to a piano dealer directly, or sell to a piano wholesaler.

If you do wish to trade in your piano for a Picarzo piano, I ask a number of questions to get a feel for the piano you have. Potential customers would answer the questions to the best of their knowledge. Typical questions include:

Where are you located (zip) in the US?

What is the make, model, and serial number of your piano?

When and where did you get your piano?

How much did you pay for your piano?

Is your piano in original condition, or has it been restored to some degree?

What has been restored on your piano?

Who performed the restoration on your piano and do you have the records from the restoration?

What was the year it was restored?

Was your piano's original soundboard replaced or restored?

If your piano was restrung, did your piano receive a new pinblock?

Were new hammers ever installed on your piano? (if replaced, what brand?)

Are the action parts on your piano original, refurbished, or replaced? (if replaced, what brand?)

Who is your current piano technician that takes care of this piano?

I also ask for photographs of the exterior and interior of the piano. Based on the photographs and customer answers to the above questions, I will have a value of the piano in mind. Steinway pianos at wholesale prices cross my desk nearly every day, and the prices are very different, depending on the age, condition, and level of restoration performed on the piano. I will present a package offer of the Picarzo piano to the customer that includes the Picarzo piano, delivery of the Picarzo piano, and removal of the current piano. If the customer is interested in the package offer, I will call the technician, and if the technician does not remember the piano that well, I might have the technician come and do a full evaluation of the piano for me to confirm my opinion of the piano. Then, if agreeable to both parties, we will execute an agreement based on that offer, and the trade will be complete.

Also, if you are upgrading from a low value piano to a Steinway, and you just want the mover to take away the piano, most will do that for a fee. I have one mover I use who charges a fee to remove old unwanted pianos, and he searches for local charities or churches to deliver the piano to.

In summary, trading in your piano is very convenient. Let me know of your situation, and I'm happy to offer a recommendation, whether it is trading your piano in, selling your piano, or consigning your piano. I hope this information helps in your decision process!

- Mike P.

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