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Spectacular Jansen Artist Piano Benches

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In my opinion, if you want the best piano bench for your piano, you buy a Jansen Artist piano bench. Simple enough. My experience with a Jansen bench goes back 20 years when I bought my first Steinway grand piano (1906 O) and I wanted a spectacular piano bench with it. I was shopping in a piano store in NYC, and I told the salesman I want the same piano bench they would use in Carnegie Hall, which was down the street. "You want a Jansen." he told me, as easily as if he were answering what 2+2 was. He told me my many options for a Jansen piano bench, and knowing that I wanted to play several hours a day, I thought I would be most comfortable on the duet artist piano bench in leather, and I asked him how much? He told me $1,400 and I almost fell over! Back in 1996, beside the piano I was buying, this bench would be, at my tender young age, the most expensive piece of furniture I would own. I examined the current balances on my credit cards, selected one carefully, and purchased a black duet artist bench in leather. Now, 20 years later, as I write this, this piano bench is still the piano bench I use daily, only now playing my Steinway B. The bench has never needed servicing, and is still as comfortable today as when I bought it 20 years ago. So I am now an authorized dealer for Jansen, and I am making these piano benches available for sale on this page. If you would like to purchase one from Picarzo, either with a piano, or separately, please call/text/e-mail me.

- Mike P.

Jansen Artist Benches are known throughout the world as the finest piano benches money can buy. The Jansen silent "Micro-A-Just" mechanism has been refined over the past 50 years and will provide the precision, durability and quality you expect from a Jansen product. Many of the world's best pianists, concert halls, piano manufacturers, music dealers and piano technicians insist that their clients use Jansen Benches.

Jansen standard and duet artist benches feature diamond tufted upholstery. All Jansen artist benches are fully constructed in the Jansen shop located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Jansen offers artist benches in four unique sizes: petite, standard, duet and petite/duet. The height adjustment for the petite, standard and duet size is 18" to 21" with standard length legs (14").

Vinyl upholstery is standard and leather upholstery is optional. A total of nine different leg styles are available to match your piano. Jansen offers the following finishes: Ebony, Walnut, Mahogany, White, Ivory and Unfinished. Hi-Gloss lacquer finish is available as an option. Jansen uses solid hardwood maple in the construction of the Artist Bench legs and apron. The end result of Jansen's attention to detail is a quality adjustable piano bench offering many years of "trouble free" operation.

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