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Five Year Warranty

On most pianos I sell, I offer a five year limited warranty on parts with mechanical defects, and the labor to replace the mechanically-defective parts. If there is a part with a mechanical defect identified within five years of the sale, the buyer must notify me in writing of the part with the mechanical defect, and who the local registered technician piano technician (RPT) is. The parts included in this warranty include hammers, shanks, flanges, repetitions, strings, tuning pins, dampers, felts, keytops, back checks, and bushings. The buyer will work with a local RPT, who will identify the defective part, provide pictures to me, locate a replacement part, and install that part. The buyer will pay the local RPT and provide me a copy of the paid invoice. Within seven days of my receiving the paid invoice, I will remit an amount equal to the cost of the part and the installation of that part to the buyer through PayPal or a mailed check, whichever the buyer prefers. The warranty does not cover items reasonably considered normal wear and tear on piano parts, and does not include maintenance items, such as tuning, voicing, and regulating. The warranty also only covers the mechanically defective part, and not the similar parts, e.g., if a string breaks, the warranty will cover the parts and labor cost of the repair or replacement of the one broken string, and would not cover replacing all 216 strings. However, I only offer a one year limited warranty, covering the same items above, on certain pianos for sale, which are usually pianos listed for sale on behalf of a consignor, such as a family selling their piano through Picarzo Pianos, or pianos offered at a very reduced price (usually received in trade in). Also, Hailun offers a 15 year transferable warranty on each NEW piano. The warranty for each individual piano will be identified in the descriptive table for each piano. I hope this information is helpful.

- Mike P.

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