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30-Day Return Policy

Purchasing a piano is more like purchasing a house or a car, than it is like purchasing a pair of shoes or a hat. For example, a buyer of a house will perform due diligence on the house prior to closing the transaction, which usually will include a home inspector fully inspecting the home. If satisfied with the home inspection, the buyer will typically purchase the house in 'as is' condition and the house sale is final. If unsatisfied with the home inspection prior to the closing, the buyer has recourse to renegotiate the price based on the findings, or cancel the transaction. At the moment, I deal exclusively in pre-owned pianos, either in original condition or restored to some degree, and I select these pianos meticulously. However, pre-owned pianos are not flawless, which is why they are much less expensive than new pianos of the same brand/model. If a buyer is interested in a piano, I always recommend engaging a registered piano technician come to inspect the piano before purchasing. The technician will provide a written report, and will offer to discuss the piano with the buyer over the phone. If unsatisfied with any aspect of the piano noted during the inspection, the buyer can discuss with me, and negotiate price, or cancel the transaction completely. Once an agreement is reached, the piano sale would then be concluded, the buyer would wire the money, and the piano would be delivered to the buyer's home.

For most of my piano sales, I allow for returns, with certain conditions. The buyer will have 30 days from the receipt of the piano to notify me in writing that the buyer wishes to return the piano, and the reason why. Within seven days of the written notification, the buyer must arrange, schedule, and pay for return shipping to me with a national mover we mutually agree to. Once the piano is returned to me, the piano will be inspected thoroughly. Once the piano is determined to be in the same condition as when sold, within seven days of the return inspection, I will refund to the buyer an amount equaling the original selling price, less the actual original moving expenses to the buyer, less a restocking fee of 15%. If the piano is not in the same condition as when sold, an additional amount equal to the estimate of the repairs necessary to return the piano to the original condition when sold will be subtracted from the refund, in addition to the noted subtractions above. This return policy does not apply to certain pianos for sale in 'as is' condition, which are usually pianos listed for sale on behalf of a consignor, such as a family selling their piano through Picarzo, or unrestored pianos that are offered at a reduced price. Pianos that are covered under this return policy will be identified in the descriptive table for each piano.

My desire is that every buyer who purchases from Picarzo is happy and satisfied with their piano purchase. I realize that this may not be the case 100% of the time in the future, so I want to allow for a return option. I have never had someone ask for a return yet, and I hope it remains that way. I hope this information is helpful - I believe in being upfront about all aspects of a piano sale.

- Mike P.

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